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Oakland Raiders WR Louis Murphy Arrested For Possession of Viagra

louis murphy oakland raiders arrested viagra
Oakland Raiders WR Louis Murphy was arrested Sunday morning for possession of...wait for it...if you didn't read the title of this post you are still in suspense...online pharmacy! Louis Murphy was in a car with Carlos Dunlap and they got pulled over for playing music too loud. Wait, playing music too loud in a car is a pull-over-able offense? According to the Gainesville Sun:

Gainesville Police Officer Thomas Harrison said he spotted Murphy's Cadillac Escalade at 100 SW First St., with the stereo playing loudly. Harrison said he told Murphy, 23, to pull over, but then Murphy continued driving to a city parking lot, where he and his passengers got out of the SUV and walked away.

Harrison flipped on his lights and ordered Murphy and the passengers to stop. Harrison said Murphy refused to present identification and demanded to know why Harrison stopped him. Harrison said Murphy continued to refuse to show his ID and so Harrison attempted to place him in handcuffs, but, he said, Murphy refused to put his hands behind his back. It took three officers to place the 6-foot-2-inch, 180-pound NFL player into custody.

Harrison said Murphy consented to a search of his vehicle, where officers found a “non-labeled prescription bottle containing 11 individual pills later identified as Viagra.” Murphy could not provide a prescription for it and allegedly told the officer that he had peeled the label off of the bottle “because he did not want his girlfriend to know he had a prescription for it.”
Ah yes, the classic "don't want my girlfriend knowing I have a Viagra prescription" excuse. Usually works every time.