Spicing up Your Sex Life in the Bedroom

Having a healthy sex life is an important dynamic in a successful relationship. If one partner is not performing properly, the partner may lose interest and potentially discontinue the relationship because of a lack of chemistry. However, the heart of the problem may be erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a treatment condition that many men suffer from. This condition results in the male being unable to make an erect viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy or keeping their penis erect during sexual intercourse. As a result, the men that suffer from this condition find themselves upset, depressed and often times alone because they allow this dysfunction to take over their lives.

Erectile Dysfunction is Treatable

This condition does not have to take over a male's life because the condition is treatable. Since the causes may be psychological and/or physical, it is important to determine the issue.
Psychological causes, such as stress, depression and anxiety can be reversed so that the male partner can perform properly in the bedroom. Physical or health conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction can include heart disease, diabetes, injury, obesity, and even high blood pressure. If you currently suffer from these ailments, you should consult your physician to determine if they are affecting your ability to create and/or keep an erection.

Spicing up the Your Sex Life

Many couples that are committed to each other may already be facing the challenges of erectile dysfunction. However, they are determined to make their relationship work by incorporating role-playing games. This can excite the male to have a stronger and longer lasting erection and once again enjoy sexual intercourse.

Male Enhancement Techniques

Some men have found that they are able to reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction by increasing the size and girth of their penis. The exercises that are used to achieve this growth provide the male with the ability to create and keep an erection longer than they have had before.

The first exercise that can be performed will help to increase the amount of blood that can be stored in the penis when erect. This process is called jelqing. The second process helps to strengthen the muscle that control when the male ejaculates and is called kegeling.

In addition to the exercises, men can take products that contain natural herbs. These pills should contain ingredients that are all-natural and were gathered from fruits or plants. Each pill needs to contain no less than 50mg of the ingredient in order for them to be effective. One of the best products available today is called MaleExtra.

You do not have to live with erectile dysfunction anymore. Purchase MaleExtra and perform the exercises above to regain control of our body and spice up your sex life!

Oakland Raiders WR Louis Murphy Arrested For Possession of Viagra

louis murphy oakland raiders arrested viagra
Oakland Raiders WR Louis Murphy was arrested Sunday morning for possession of...wait for it...if you didn't read the title of this post you are still in suspense...online pharmacy! Louis Murphy was in a car with Carlos Dunlap and they got pulled over for playing music too loud. Wait, playing music too loud in a car is a pull-over-able offense? According to the Gainesville Sun:

Gainesville Police Officer Thomas Harrison said he spotted Murphy's Cadillac Escalade at 100 SW First St., with the stereo playing loudly. Harrison said he told Murphy, 23, to pull over, but then Murphy continued driving to a city parking lot, where he and his passengers got out of the SUV and walked away.

Harrison flipped on his lights and ordered Murphy and the passengers to stop. Harrison said Murphy refused to present identification and demanded to know why Harrison stopped him. Harrison said Murphy continued to refuse to show his ID and so Harrison attempted to place him in handcuffs, but, he said, Murphy refused to put his hands behind his back. It took three officers to place the 6-foot-2-inch, 180-pound NFL player into custody.

Harrison said Murphy consented to a search of his vehicle, where officers found a “non-labeled prescription bottle containing 11 individual pills later identified as Viagra.” Murphy could not provide a prescription for it and allegedly told the officer that he had peeled the label off of the bottle “because he did not want his girlfriend to know he had a prescription for it.”
Ah yes, the classic "don't want my girlfriend knowing I have a Viagra prescription" excuse. Usually works every time.

Malaysian Hospital Develops its Own Hospital Information System!

I came upon this a few days ago and was intrigued.

HUKM Develops Own Total viagra Information System

By Mohd Arshi Daud

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31 (Bernama) -- cheap cialis Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) is developing its own Total Hospital Information System (THIS), the first by a government hospital in Malaysia and possibly in Asia.

Built up from scratch entirely by its staff, the hospital's THIS initiative has already attracted interest from distributors keen to market the system to both government and private hospitals in the country.

THIS costs million of ringgit to implement but the market for such a system in Malaysia is huge, given that there are over 100 public hospitals and a large number of private hospitals.

In addition, the HUKM-developed THIS, called Caring Hospital Enterprise System (C-HEtS), is expected to be cheaper than similar systems available in the market.

"HUKM is still looking at the business model on how to go about providing C-HEtS to others," said Dr Ahmad Taufik Jamil, head of HUKM's information technology (IT) department.

"For example, one government specialist hospital spent more than RM50 million for its total hospital information system. We have so far spent only about 10 million," he told Bernama in an interview recently.

Dr Taufik said the huge savings was a result of HUKM itself holding the copyright for C-HEtS (created 100 percent in-house) and the system was developed using a free software from US-based software firm Oracle Corp.

"It's free. The tool is JDeveloper 10g, which is based on Java technology under Java 2 Enterprise Edition," he said.

Dr Taufik, who holds a BSc (Medicine), MD (Doctor of Medicine), M.Sc (IT), and MPH (Master of Public Health) majoring in hospital management, is leading a team of about 80 people in the project, with half of them technical and IT personnel and the rest comprising C-HEtS users like doctors and nurses.

Continue reading here:


The first thing is to consider the exchange rate. As it turns out as of the time of writing it is 1.00 AUD = 2.86859 MYR so the planned budget is of the order of about $A7.0 million for a full scale hospital information system developed with quality tools and appropriate standards.

It seems to me this is very good thing to be happening – but that there are quite substantial risks also.

First it is clear the hospital is lucky enough to have a really skilled leader to steer and drive this project forward. I hope they have both ‘key man insurance’ and a well considered succession plan as I am sure if this project continues to be successful someone with these capabilities will be snapped up by the Epics or Cerners of the world.

Second, as history has shown, when a hospital develops a system for itself there is usually not the planning done to ensure there is the flexibility built in to permit implementation in other organisations. IBM, among others, have be caught by this issue and have found it very complex to render transportable some advanced self developed US systems – even to other similar organisations within the same country.

Third experience has often shown self developed systems become progressively more difficult to maintain as development staff move on and it is then discovered that the documentation for important areas of the system is quite up to scratch. This was a lesson I learnt very early when I found myself looking after home developed systems at Royal North Shore in the late 80’s

I wish Dr Taufik well and I hope he has read up on the traps he might encounter that can render an apparent bargain a major nightmare in the years to come.


A small penis can make a girl happy in bed
The typical erect cialis is estimated to be somewhere round six inches in total length. When you’re one of the thousands and thousands who fall within this statistic, you may have thoughts about the dimensions of your penis in relation to your sexual performance. While it’s true that size can have its advantages, it’s probably not the size that matters. It’s the width of the penis that matters. Moreover, girls don’t particularly take pleasure in having their cervices jammed into, which regularly happens when a man is blessed more than he deserves to be. There's nothing great about painful intercourse, and that’s exactly what many women fret over of when a person’s penis is simply too large. The appropriate mix of foreplay and stimulation, especially clitoral, can make a girl worship a small penis just as readily as a colossal one.

There is more to sex than just penetration, and most men totally acknowledge the advantages of foreplay. The man with a smaller-sized penis should take even higher advantage of this, stretching the duration of foreplay till his sexual partner is totally and completely aroused; the nearer she is to orgasming at the start of actual penetration, the easier it is going to be for her to orgasm by way of one of the sex positions below.

Foreplay should embody anything and every part your girl enjoys. Kissing and caressing are all the time highly valued by women. Do some pillow talking, and make sure to have her favorite intercourse toys next to you. If she has some kinkiness in her, you may need to try some sensual ass biting or even a little bit of a spanking. The important thing right here is to shower her with the kind of attention you know will she react positively to. Your intention is to get her to wish and beg for sex.

Before penetration, spend as much quality time with her clitoris. Make certain she climaxes not less than once before you go on to intercourse. This move on your part will help alleviate any anxiety you may experience once you are prepared to attemp the following small penis intercourse positions.

The Small Penis Sexual Positions

1. The doggie position

The doggie will make the smallest penis feel quite big when performed at the correct angle. She should be positioned in such a manner that she’s in a position to comfortably place her head and shoulders on the pillow, while having her bottom raised in the air. To create the most effective angle, arch her back and her thighs and draw her thighs together. This is not merely the best small penis intercourse position on record, but it is the most popular one. She should lean ahead throughout penetration, keeping as much bodily contact with you as she can. This tip will allow you and your partner to keep things intimate and allow her to reach climax.

2. The snake position

You will need your partner to lie flat on her stomach with her legs closed. To make things easy and comfortable, place a pillow under her hips until her ass arches upward. Bend your knees, hold her hips while maintaining an upright posture and place your penis behind her bottom. Gently open her thighs just enough to permit penetration and slide your way in. Be sure to keep your weight off her body during intercourse. Should you feel the necessity to brace yourself against something, bend ahead till you are able to touch the mattress -- it will not affect the position's effectiveness. Should you actually desire a tight press against her body, hold her thighs as tight as possible as you penetrate her.

3. The rabbit ears position

Lay your girl down on her back, unfold her thighs and draw her legs up till her knees are close to her ears. Place a pillow under her ass, as this may place her vagina at an angle higher fitted to this small penis intercourse position. Once you penetrate her, it would feel as though you’re fully filling her vagina. As soon as intercourse begins to get exciting and very wild, it can be troublesome for a woman to keep her legs in that position for a long duration. I suggest you use your arms to hold her knees in place. Place either arm under her knees before bracing the bed.

4. The V-formation position

Grasp both ankles, raise her legs, then spread them aside until they form a “V.” You will have the ability to penetrate quiet deeply with this small penis intercourse position. You may need to keep yourself in place by bracing your palms in opposition to the wall or the headboard of the bed. To do this without altering the position, merely drape her legs over your manly shoulders. This position gives you a great way to tease her excited clitoris. Free one your hands by bracing something and stimulate her clitoris until she climaxes.

Finally, it is true that our superficial society tends to position an excessive amount of significance on size, the straightforward truth is that a penis of any measurement can make a girl orgasm. The man has to make to most of what he has been given by nature. It may mean you need to excite her clitoris during sex, however that is often essential with a large penis as well. Foreplay is what gives sex most of the color. A great sensual orgasm from a man's tongue will win over any lady. And if you combine that with a penis that knows what it is doing, your girl will probably be greater than happy, I promise.


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